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Aug 28 20:00:16 <fewcha>    nicubunu: May I ask what today's session is going to be on ?
Aug 28 20:01:12 <nicubunu>    fewcha, is about Creative Commons licenses, sharing art and culture
Aug 28 20:01:54 <fewcha>    nicubunu: okay, thanks! :)
Aug 28 20:08:34 <nicubunu>    i am Nicu, i am from Romania and was invited by kushal to talk a bit about free culture, sharing and Creative Commons licenses
Aug 28 20:09:02 <nicubunu>    i work or worked on various FLOSS projects
Aug 28 20:09:28 <nicubunu>    for example contributed for some years to the Design Team in the Fedora project
Aug 28 20:09:45 <nicubunu>    and also on some Wikipedia stuff, and not only
Aug 28 20:10:03 <nicubunu>    i do photography http://photoblog.nicubunu.ro/
Aug 28 20:10:15 <nicubunu>    and graphics: http://howto.nicubunu.ro/
Aug 28 20:10:58 <nicubunu>    almost all the things i do are published under a Free license, because i believe in freedom, sharing, free software, free culture
Aug 28 20:11:10 <nicubunu>    how about you all?
Aug 28 20:11:22 <nicubunu>    i understand you are programmers
Aug 28 20:11:58 <nicubunu>    are you familiar with the free software world? free software licenses? do you use them?
Aug 28 20:12:14 <kushal>    everyone please answer whenever nicubunu asks
Aug 28 20:12:31 <fewcha>    no, not me
Aug 28 20:12:39 <StarOnD>    mathematics/economics/computer science (amateur)  student having a small idea of the free software world
Aug 28 20:13:24 <nicubunu>    ok, anyone here heard before about Creative Commons licenses?
Aug 28 20:13:33 <nikita_>    very few idea
Aug 28 20:13:37 <fewcha>    i am familiar with free software world and use free software too but no idea on the licenses part
Aug 28 20:13:55 <fewcha>    no
Aug 28 20:13:58 <nicubunu>    thanks
Aug 28 20:14:02 <nikita_>    no
Aug 28 20:14:03 <StarOnD>    a little bit but would like a clearer explanation
Aug 28 20:14:15 <nicubunu>    are you into photography and/or graphics?
Aug 28 20:14:29 <fewcha>    into photography, yes
Aug 28 20:15:08 <StarOnD>    I plan to make a photogallery with python which will allow image manipulation
Aug 28 20:16:08 <nicubunu>    so, for example say you may need a photo for a project, maybe you need to write a piece about the real history behind the myth of Dracula and need a picture of a castle where the real man lived
Aug 28 20:16:11 <nikita_>    photography
Aug 28 20:16:35 <nicubunu>    or you may want to make a video with vacancy photos and need a song for its soundtrack
Aug 28 20:16:55 <nicubunu>    what do you do? go search for one on the internet
Aug 28 20:17:06 <nicubunu>    but you are legally allowed to use it?
Aug 28 20:17:48 <nicubunu>    i have another group question: have anyone tried to read the copyright law from your country? is so, did you understood it?
Aug 28 20:18:15 <fewcha>    no, never thought of doing so actually :(
Aug 28 20:18:20 <nicubunu>    kushal, at least you?
Aug 28 20:18:23 <StarOnD>    not tried to do that
Aug 28 20:18:36 <kushal>    nicubunu, once :)
Aug 28 20:18:46 <kushal>    never understood totally
Aug 28 20:18:46 <nicubunu>    there are two big problems
Aug 28 20:19:29 <nicubunu>    first of them, every human creation falls automatically under FULL COPYRIGHT
Aug 28 20:19:30 <oini>    nicubunu: never tried it
Aug 28 20:19:54 <nicubunu>    legally, you can't use it without express permission from the author
Aug 28 20:19:55 <nikita_>    not yet tried to do so :(
Aug 28 20:20:26 <nicubunu>    for example, if you find some blog with a nice photo, is illegal to use it, you have to ask for permission
Aug 28 20:20:57 <nicubunu>    the second problem: the laws are written in "legalese", a language made by lawyers for lawyers
Aug 28 20:21:17 <nicubunu>    not easy to understand for normal people
Aug 28 20:21:29 <fewcha>    !
Aug 28 20:21:52 <kushal>    fewcha, ask
Aug 28 20:22:30 <fewcha>    sorry, nothing i got my answer thanks :)
Aug 28 20:22:30 <nicubunu>    so a group of people from San Francisco came with a great idea to solve this, they founded Creative Commons and created a few licenses which are easy to understand by us, normal people
Aug 28 20:23:41 <nicubunu>    those licenses are inspired by Free software licenses, but they are intended for artistic works: pictures, videos, sounds, music, literature, etc.
Aug 28 20:24:05 <nicubunu>    have a look at http://creativecommons.org/choose/
Aug 28 20:25:07 <nicubunu>    the idea is to put your work under one of those licenses, people will understand *easily* which rights and restrictions they have, and they can use your works easily
Aug 28 20:25:51 <nicubunu>    use that page and generate a license for yourself, look at the result page
Aug 28 20:26:03 <nicubunu>    remember seeing those buttons on the web?
Aug 28 20:26:17 <sayan>    yes
Aug 28 20:26:50 <nicubunu>    let me talk a bit about the specific CC licenses
Aug 28 20:27:21 <nicubunu>    practically all of them will require attribution for the original author, the "BY" clause
Aug 28 20:27:45 <nicubunu>    no matter how you use the creation, you have to give credit
Aug 28 20:28:17 <nicubunu>    this is the basic license, Creative Commons Attribution, or short CC-BY
Aug 28 20:29:00 <nicubunu>    supposedly, if you use a photo made by me and released under this license, all you have to do is to write somewhere: photo by Nicu Buculei
Aug 28 20:29:10 <nicubunu>    you can even sell that photo!
Aug 28 20:30:25 <nicubunu>    another option is Share Alike, this means  if someone uses a work under that license have to credit the original author and keep the license the same for the derivatives he created
Aug 28 20:30:59 <nicubunu>    this is a "viral" license, much like GPL in Free software, it ensure the work is Free and will remain Free
Aug 28 20:31:49 <nicubunu>    there are to more options: Non-Derivative (ND), which does not allow for derivative work based on the original, it must be kept the same
Aug 28 20:32:16 <nicubunu>    and Non-Commercial (NC), which does not allow the work to be sold
Aug 28 20:32:49 <nicubunu>    so you can have any combination of those: BY-SA. BY-SA-NC, BY-NC-ND etc.
Aug 28 20:32:58 <nicubunu>    still following me?
Aug 28 20:33:15 <StarOnD>    yes,interesting
Aug 28 20:33:27 <sayan>    nicubunu, yes
Aug 28 20:33:41 <oini>    nicubunu: yes
Aug 28 20:33:44 <chandan_kumar>    nicubunu, yes
Aug 28 20:33:44 <nicubunu>    i would like to have you selecting one of those licenses you like and say its name
Aug 28 20:34:15 <StarOnD>    BY-SA
Aug 28 20:34:23 <sayan>    BY-NC
Aug 28 20:34:32 <oini>    BY-SA
Aug 28 20:34:37 <nicubunu>    :) there are options for everyone
Aug 28 20:34:58 <StarOnD>    !
Aug 28 20:35:09 <chandan_kumar>    nicubunu, BY-ND
Aug 28 20:35:14 <nikita_>    nicubunu, yes
Aug 28 20:35:26 <kushal>    StarOnD, ask
Aug 28 20:35:27 <nicubunu>    we in the Free software world find some of those as Free: BY and BY-SA and others not free, like those with NC or ND
Aug 28 20:36:57 <kushal>    StarOnD, ?
Aug 28 20:37:19 <StarOnD>    Is there any licence where BY is not required? For instance if I write some code I want anyone to use it,anyway they like, it would be nice to be attributed but depending on the context I want everyone to benefit from it ,even if it is proprietary and I don't think he will be able to attribute it then
Aug 28 20:37:47 <StarOnD>    apologies, was typing
Aug 28 20:37:54 <nicubunu>    StarOnD, what you ask is a work released under the Public Domain
Aug 28 20:38:14 <StarOnD>    ahh alright
Aug 28 20:38:27 <nicubunu>    and because PD is not compatible with laws in some countries, Creative Commons made the CC0 license
Aug 28 20:38:59 <nicubunu>    StarOnD: http://creativecommons.org/choose/zero/
Aug 28 20:39:38 <StarOnD>    nicubunu,thank you
Aug 28 20:40:06 <nicubunu>    so, about Free and Non-Free licenses: projects like Fedora or Debian have a Free policy, they will accept only work under a Free license: CC-BY, CC-BY-SA or CC0
Aug 28 20:40:26 <nicubunu>    now, where do we find such content?
Aug 28 20:40:53 <nicubunu>    google advanced search: https://www.google.com/advanced_search
Aug 28 20:40:55 <batul>    http://productforums.google.com/d/topic/websearch/pqXQwuhZwAs
Aug 28 20:41:15 <nicubunu>    scroll down to "usage rights"
Aug 28 20:41:48 <nicubunu>    photos on flickr: http://www.flickr.com/search/advanced/?
Aug 28 20:42:12 <nicubunu>    scroll down to Creative Commons
Aug 28 20:42:31 <nicubunu>    a lot of image sites have this option
Aug 28 20:42:54 <nicubunu>    if you need a song: http://www.jamendo.com/en/search
Aug 28 20:43:21 <nicubunu>    there is the "CC license" drop-down
Aug 28 20:44:00 <nicubunu>    have you heard about the Nine Inch Nails rock band?
Aug 28 20:44:15 <nicubunu>    they have licensed an album under a CC license: http://ghosts.nin.com/main/faq
Aug 28 20:44:37 <nicubunu>    they even uploaded themselves the MP3 to thepiratebay
Aug 28 20:44:55 <nicubunu>    it was a success and they did it again :)
Aug 28 20:45:24 <nicubunu>    so there are band releasing their music under a Free license, even big banbds, like NIN
Aug 28 20:46:09 <nicubunu>    group question again: have you ever used Wikipedia? have you ever contributed to it?
Aug 28 20:46:23 <fewcha>    not contributted but used, yes
Aug 28 20:46:34 <StarOnD>    yes have used it,but not contributed to it
Aug 28 20:47:01 <nicubunu>    you know Wikipedia in an encyclopedia created by the community
Aug 28 20:47:02 <oini>    use it regularly but never contributed to it
Aug 28 20:47:19 <nicubunu>    this is possible because it has a Free license, CC-BY-SA
Aug 28 20:48:34 <nicubunu>    speaking about Wikipedia, during the month of September, we have a Free photography contest, Wiki Loves Monuments: http://www.wikilovesmonuments.org/
Aug 28 20:49:14 <nicubunu>    it happens in over 30 countries in the world (will probably get a new Guinness World Record for the largest photography contest)
Aug 28 20:49:30 <fewcha>    nicubunu: one question!
Aug 28 20:49:38 <nicubunu>    this year it takes place also in India, hope Kushal knows more and will participate :)
Aug 28 20:49:42 <nicubunu>    please fewcha
Aug 28 20:50:12 <fewcha>    can ANYONE contribute to wikipedia, or do we have to fall under some criterias or something ?
Aug 28 20:51:11 <nicubunu>    ANYONE can, you have to follow a single rule: you'll have to agree to contribute under a Free license
Aug 28 20:51:35 <nicubunu>    of course, you have to write accurate stuff and document your sources :)
Aug 28 20:51:53 <fewcha>    nicubunu: and who or what verifies that ?
Aug 28 20:52:02 <nicubunu>    other people!
Aug 28 20:52:29 <nicubunu>    if you read a Wikipedia article and you find something wrong, you can correct it yourself
Aug 28 20:52:49 <fewcha>    nicubunu: oh okay got it thanks! :)
Aug 28 20:54:10 <nicubunu>    so about that photography contest, i don't know about the specifics in India, but it should have national prizes and the top 10 pictures will go for the international contest and another round of prizes
Aug 28 20:54:42 <nicubunu>    we in Romania had last year about 5700 photos submitted by over 300 people
Aug 28 20:55:01 <nicubunu>    India is a much larger country, so you can do *a lot* more :)
Aug 28 20:55:57 <nicubunu>    i see i am over time, will try to end fast :) don't want to make people fall asleep
Aug 28 20:56:09 <kushal>    nicubunu, you can continue
Aug 28 20:56:16 <kushal>    nicubunu, we keep talking till late night here
Aug 28 20:56:25 <nicubunu>    there is the Open Clip Art Library: http://openclipart.org/
Aug 28 20:56:40 <oini>    nicubunu: i agree with kushal
Aug 28 20:56:42 <nicubunu>    this is a collection of Free clip art images
Aug 28 20:56:43 <oini>    :)
Aug 28 20:57:15 <fewcha>    :)
Aug 28 20:57:45 <nicubunu>    when we started it we selected the Public Domain license (CC0) because the idea was: clipart images are building blocks, they shold be used with no restriction, otherwise is useless
Aug 28 20:58:36 <nicubunu>    one of the things i made for openclipart.org  was this collection of game buildings: http://clipart.nicubunu.ro/?gallery=rpg_map
Aug 28 20:59:09 <nicubunu>    many people contacted me, they wanted to us those graphics for their games :)
Aug 28 21:00:02 <nicubunu>    speaking of games, there is a website with Free resources (graphics and sounds) for games: http://opengameart.org/
Aug 28 21:00:31 <nicubunu>    they recently had a cool project, Liberated Pixel Cup: http://lpc.opengameart.org/
Aug 28 21:00:58 <nicubunu>    some assets were provided (graphics, sounds, animations) and people were invited to make games with them
Aug 28 21:01:14 <nicubunu>    is a competition, submission ended, now it judging time
Aug 28 21:01:25 <nicubunu>    some of those games are fun!
Aug 28 21:02:03 <nicubunu>    i talked *a lot* about about those licenses, but WHY would someone use them?
Aug 28 21:02:46 <nicubunu>    i said i believe in freedom, in sharing and such, but there should be also a pragmatic side, right?
Aug 28 21:04:18 <nicubunu>    for example i do art, WHY i do it? art is about sharing feelings and emotions, the purpose of art is to send those feelings and emotions to people, you reach your goal by allowing people to see your art
Aug 28 21:04:36 <nicubunu>    still idealistic! let me be more pragmatic :)
Aug 28 21:04:52 <nicubunu>    i am a photographer, but i am unknown
Aug 28 21:05:30 <nicubunu>    then i put my works online under a Free license, people reuse or share it, spread my name along with the work
Aug 28 21:05:47 <nicubunu>    my name may became known, i may land a big $$$ contract :D
Aug 28 21:06:24 <nicubunu>    the same about music, a band releases its music freely, people learn about it, like it, they go to concerts and pay tickets
Aug 28 21:07:21 <nicubunu>    i think this is what i planned to say for today, any questions?
Aug 28 21:07:49 <StarOnD>    !
Aug 28 21:08:06 <kushal>    StarOnD, ask
Aug 28 21:09:24 <StarOnD>    I read somewhere that depending on our contract with our employer ALL copyright of our work even if it is outside of work hours may be owned by the employer,is there any other circumstance under which copyright to an individual's work may be owned by someone else?
Aug 28 21:10:04 <nicubunu>    that depends on the laws of your country
Aug 28 21:11:00 <nicubunu>    an employer can write anything on your contract, but if it is contrary to the law, you are not forced to follow it
Aug 28 21:11:08 <nicubunu>    you should ask a lawyer
Aug 28 21:11:21 <StarOnD>    alright thank you
Aug 28 21:11:37 <nicubunu>    let me give an example
Aug 28 21:11:55 <nicubunu>    some employers put in the contract a non-compete clause
Aug 28 21:12:34 <nicubunu>    meaning after your employment ends, you are not allowed to work for a competitor for some time (6 months,  a year)
Aug 28 21:12:34 <StarOnD>    okay,please continue
Aug 28 21:12:59 <nicubunu>    this things is allowed in some places, in others is illegal, for example in California is illegal
Aug 28 21:13:14 <nicubunu>    so the contract clause is void, even if you signed it
Aug 28 21:13:41 <nicubunu>    that is why you better have a lawyer from your country check the contract
Aug 28 21:14:34 <nicubunu>    normally what you do in your free time is supposed to be yours
Aug 28 21:14:39 <StarOnD>    nicubunu,thank you
Aug 28 21:14:50 <nicubunu>    you welcome, StarOnD
Aug 28 21:17:32 <nicubunu>    then thank you for your attention and have a good night :)
Aug 28 21:17:54 <kushal>    nicubunu, thanks a lot :)
Aug 28 21:18:07 <kushal>    I will putting the log in the site in few minutes
Aug 28 21:18:24 <oini>    Thank you very much nicubunu :)
Aug 28 21:18:39 <oini>    Good night
Aug 28 21:18:43 <fewcha>    nicubunu: today's session was really helpful, thanks a lot! :)
Aug 28 21:18:54 <fewcha>    Good night! :)
Aug 28 21:19:16 <nicubunu>    if you want more specifics about one of the topics covered, don't be afraid to ask
Aug 28 21:19:27 <sayan>    nicubunu, thank you for the session
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