Postage stamps with Inkscape

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In this easy tutorial we will learn to create postage stamps using Inkscape, the results will look like this:

Perforated paper

Stamps look like tiny pictures on paper with a white perforated paper. This is the most important thing for a stamp and the core of this tutorial:
paper paper

I will present three ways to create the perforations, use what you like best.

Pattern along Path

Tiled Clones

Align and Distribute

The postage stamp

Now for the easy part:


Use any kind of perforations, larger, smaller, round or elliptic, any kind of image, even photos, put the stamp on vertical or horizontal, the possibilities are endless:
dioanad fudcon odf calla


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Update: a Romanian translation is also available.

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Many thanks to my friends at, and Inovatika for motivating me to write this.