GIMP trick: make your subject pop out of a photo

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This is an easy and nice GIMP trick, so easy that anyone can follow it just with a bit of patience, and I try to present it in to the very detail for beginners.

Basically we will do this:
[click to enlarge]

Follow those steps:
And we are done!

Optionally you can add more steps to impress people with your GIMP skills:

Leave the picture transparent, with a solid background or with a textured one, just as you like. Here I used a stone pattern from GIMP and adjusted the perspective of its layer:
[click to enlarge]

That was all!

Fell free to make your own better looking photo manipulation, show the world what GIMP wizard you are!


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Update: Here is another image made with the same technique:
jump out of gimp

Update: a Romanian translation is also available.

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