Drawing the Cooperative logo with OOo Draw

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We will try to recreate the actual (as June 2004) OOO Cooperative logo.
The target image (created with Inkscape and GIMP) is  and our final result will be:

Hands on

The final result

We are close, but not yet finished, see the Postprocessing section:


we are close to the target at the same postprocessing stage:
Also with GIMP add a Bump Map filter and a Drop Shadow:
The result is pretty close to our target:
 This tutorial is free, but if you find it entertaining, pretty please (this is not a requirement, only my humble wish) send an email to dioanad at server gmail.com with thanks for motivating me to publish it and expressing your unhappiness to the same person for destroying my motivation to publish more.
Be nice, polite and do not do nasty things with the address above. Thank you.