The ultimate guide for creating shiny web buttons with Inkscape

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I will follow some ways to create various kinds of web buttons with Inkscape: simple, aqua, crystal, with and without shadows, of various colors and in various states.

Simple buttons with a 3D look

I'll start with the simplest button, which will be reused later for the other styles.

Aqua Buttons

I'll get to buttons made in the Aqua style, simulating a liquid or gel effect.

Crystal buttons

Attach a crystal or glass effect to the simple button created earlier.

Shadow at the bottom

I'll explore a different kind of shadow, which will completely change the perspective of the button.


Another effect I'll experiment with is reflexion (mirror).

Roll-overs, highlights and inactive buttons

For a website, various stated of a button may be needed: active, inactive or even a roll-over effect when the mouse passes over it. Here the "ultimate" guide for creating shiny web buttons with Inkscape ends. If I forgot some useful cases, drop me a note and I will add new sections.
Create your own buttons by following my instructions or even using the SVG sources of the buttons created in this tutorial.

A Romanian translation is also available.

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